Written May 27, 2021 at 1:07am

Have you ever been made to feel less than yourself?

Worth less than nothing?

Despite it all, you felt something…

But it wasn’t the expected love & loyalty,

The hopeless romantic chivalry

That was promised.

You definitely deserved more!

Therefore, in the middle ages of one’s life,

I desperately implore

All young women everywhere,

All around this world

To entertain the dazzling muse

That gracefully resides

Inside of them.

Strive hard to evolve to be

Proper & prim.

Stay fearless in your unbreakable resolve

So the plentiful chances & opportunities don’t have

The sheer audacity to suddenly slim.

Trust me when I faithfully declare,

The Universe will respect your diligence.

Immense blessings await just

Above the rim,

But only if you’re willing

To leap as high as it takes.

You know who you are.

Reject any falsely altered projections.



Written 9/16/20 at 10:23am

I adored the chill of the cool, crisp air

As it lightly wafted through my reddish-brown hair.

Aromatic pumpkin spice and warm pudding bowls of white rice.

Fresh ground coffee beans sting my nostrils.

A toasty kitchen, by means of a heated oven.

I remember




LaLa Leo Author

LaLa Leo Author

Author of the Destiny & OsDio book series, Co-Author of Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe