I was blankly away
Written 10/21/20 at 12:37am
Finished 1/2/21 at 10:29pm

Every civil soul’s worse fear is to
Drown in an endless fountain of pure and seemingly infinite dread.
I once read
That no two spirits are alike.

Reality and fantasy become
Blurred lines for so many,
And it always…

Written 10/20/20 at 9:13pm

Time and time again, I plead to my heart,
Wishing it wasn’t the dramatic bitter end.
Nothing left amongst the broken foundation
To ever make real amends. …

Written 9/16/20 at 10:23am

I adored the chill of the cool, crisp air

As it lightly wafted through my reddish-brown hair.

Aromatic pumpkin spice and warm pudding bowls of white rice.

Fresh ground coffee beans sting my nostrils.

A toasty kitchen, by means of a heated oven.

I remember


Written 8/7/2020 Before Labor Day

-Today was another day that could count as one of the worst days of my life.-

Barely floating with my head above the surface

Of dark yet calm waters, I ponder

What the warmer oceans may feel like.

With romantic impulses instead of anxious fright.

Written 5/24/2019 at about 4:34am

I can’t sleep.

The pain I feel is so real.

Fathoms deep.

True feelings emerge

In the darkest hours.

Time to purge.

To create something…

Written 10/6/2020 at 6:32pm

Once upon a time in Peru,

There was a poor little girl named Kazoo!

And, every day off to school, she wore dusty brown shoes.


LaLa Leo Author

Author of the Destiny & OsDio book series, Co-Author of Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe

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