Written 8/7/2020 Before Labor Day

-Today was another day that could count as one of the worst days of my life.-

Barely floating with my head above the surface

Of dark yet calm waters, I ponder

What the warmer oceans may feel like.

With romantic impulses instead of anxious fright.

Ones that aren’t barren and frozen over.

I lost my best friend today along with

More than I could ever imagine.

It’s such a tragic time of today for all.

I write to document the webbed array

Of chaotic madness

And the escapable sadness

That lingers as a result.

Im alone but it took until now for me

To fully grasp that I’ve always been.

There were only a few I could ever depend

Upon and now that’s gone,

As their leniency and patience with me

Grew thinner than straw.

Attempts to make amends to an

Abrupt end.

That’s all.

Author of the Destiny & OsDio book series, Co-Author of Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe

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