I was blankly away
Written 10/21/20 at 12:37am
Finished 1/2/21 at 10:29pm

Every civil soul’s worse fear is to
Drown in an endless fountain of pure and seemingly infinite dread.
I once read
That no two spirits are alike.

Reality and fantasy become
Blurred lines for so many,
And it always seems easier to try
To just secretly escape it all.
It’s hard not truly

Being appalled at any and everything,
As if it were brand spanking new.
As if it weren’t already brewing in the dense background long before now.
Anyone would be rightfully floored!
That is at least…

Until they learn to just keep pressing forward,
Across growth’s dangerously fatal yet serene and deceiving borders.
If you’re in over the crown of your precious little head,
You can and will surely drown prior to coming forth.
Some would consider that being spared.

Hitherto, we all have to…at some point,
Try our hardest by giving it our very all.
As I am, you should become enthralled

Essentially with the sole potential of the universally personalized outcome…

That’d be uniquely yours as a one-of-kind bind to existence and time.

The centurial, antique rat race of space and creation.
Pain and elation of the yin and yang which declares that they’re one in the same.
How insane it has been to even have the ability to discern such a thing?!
Poor Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Destiny is seriously bound to out some
But definitely not all,
With preference to those brave enough
To test the silliest limits of conformity.
Fortunately, we shall never learn to understand why.

However and despite that,
An enormity of a lifetime can be changed.
Even quite possibly rearranged to fit one’s deepest and unknown desires.
A Heaven and Hell on Earth as a mortal.
No loophole portals required.

Let us go now!
Into the brimstone of the bluest flames
Within the endless fire to destroy who we thought we were.
To sincerely opt to be reborn as a Phoenix,
Utterly rendered barren by reduction to The mere double helix in our genetic makeup.
Wake up!

Don’t you grow tired of philosophical, worldly explanations?
Action breeds results
Just the facts fully regarded that change is indeed inevitable.
Not theoretical conversation,
Senseless persuasive debates nor current classical status.

No time for a hiatus now.
Wait as long as needed to break your fast.
Consider it as what you’ve done in the foolish past of your unkempt youth.
Deem it as uncouth to knowingly continue to desperately grasp onto bad habits and old tragedies that beseech you.
No one should want to be unreachable in that respect.
We must all seek the promised vow that we all made to
To ourselves somehow.
Endow then wow.

Author of the Destiny & OsDio book series, Co-Author of Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe

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